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Keep Signing Collab!

Keep Signing collaborates with Primark! Getting Makaton mainstream...

When a message popped through on my instagram account from a PR agency on behalf of Primark, I honestly thought the whole thing was a joke! Having dabbled in the acting industry for a few years I was used to getting random messages through from supposed companies asking for a collaboration which wasn't real. So I definitely wasn't going to get my hopes up!

So... was it real?

After a little digging, I realised that this wasn't a fake message, and it was actually true! After we exchanged some emails, I realised they did actually want me to produce content for their social media. At the time I had about 200 instagram followers so was hardly an 'influencer'- so why did Primark want to work with me!?

Primark had been looking to expand inclusivity on their social media pages and thought some 'Going back to school' posts would be beneficial to help people learn some signs to settle their children back to school in September. I jumped at the opportunity, what an amazing platform to expose Makaton to the masses! 10.5 million people in fact!

I was working on this behind the scenes for months, meeting with Makaton to decide what signs should be put out and discussing with the PR agency as to what Primark wanted. It was about 6 weeks of discussion before being able to produce the final content. It felt totally surreal being able to go to Primark on Oxford Street and choosing clothes from a brand I was working with! A very much pinch me moment!

Take the opportunity!

Whatever comes your way, take it! I have no idea whether this will happen again, but I'm so glad I took it and enjoyed the ride! To say that #Iworkwithprimark was a dream come true!


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