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Makaton Parties


Yes! We do parties! 

Katie, without thinking, would often start to sign during her parties. She quickly realised that some visual clues were incredibly beneficial for everyone. 

Parties are often noisy with music, laughter and chatting, so signing really helped everyone understand what was going on. From there, Katie designed a symbol party plan and communication book for those who may benefit from an alternate method to get the most enjoyment out of the party! 

If you or your guests need a little extra help to enjoy your special day, which may include signs, symbols, turning the music down a bit (or all three!) Makaton has a place in parties to make them inclusive for everyone! 

What's included? 

We love high energy parties with lots of dancing, games and signing- of course! We bring all the necessary equipment including sound system (speaker and microphone), disco lights (if required), all props including bubble machine, parachutes, ribbons, pom poms, musical instruments, balls and more to keep the parties exciting and varied. This will all be discussed before the party to make sure it's perfect for you. If the party is 2 hours we break midway for food/snacks where glitter tattoos are provided (face paint on hand/ arm).


We take up to 30 children for any party, this is for the safety of you and your guests. 

1 hour £160

1.5 hours £190

2 hours £220 

An additional travel charge may be incurred depending on where the party is located.  

To book or for more information please use the contact form at the bottom of page. 


"Katie had been a fabulous part of the Happy Kinder Parties team since 2017, and since has received hundreds of 5 star reviews left by happy clients, impressed with her energy, professionalism and brilliant way with children."​ 


After the most incredible 6 years and over 550 parties later, Katie made the very difficult decision to retire from Happy Kinder Parties. Keep Signing with Katie focuses on core level training however Makaton parties are still running under Keep Signing, any other enquiries please contact Happy Kinder Parties who will more than happily assist. 

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